Laughter and Tears expresses both the joy and sorrow of Jewish experience—from shtetl to Holocaust—from Old Testament story-telling to early 20th century Yiddish vaudeville. Klezmer inspired music of the 1930’s weaves throughout while a synagogue prayer precedes a musical portrait of Israel. The program includes works by Irving Berlin, Elwood Derr, Carl Wirth, Ivan Rosenblum, Paul Ben-Haim and others.

Joining the Duo are the following fine artists — Kathleen Nitz-soprano,
Sylvie Braitman and Stephanie Friedman, mezzo-sopranos; saxophonist Bill Trimble, and actress Erica Lann-Clark.

Incredible variety and you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this CD!

Track List

  1. Grandmother's Stories - To the Wedding by Jacob Weinberg
  2. To the Wedding- Kale-Besezen by G. Fitelberg
  3. To the Wedding - Procession
  4. Shtetl Voices - Yentel I by Ivan Rosenblum
  5. Shtetl Voices - Dvayre II
  6. Hebrew Dance by Boris Levenson
  7. Jepthah by Carl Anton Wirth
  8. I Never Saw another Butterfly - Terezin by Ellwood Derr
  9. I Never Saw another Butterfly - The Butterfly
  10. I Never Saw another Butterfly - The Old Man
  11. I Never Saw another Butterfly - Fear
  12. I Never Saw another Butterfly - The Garden
  13. Eli, Eli - Anonymous
  14. Three Songs Without Words - Arioso by Paul Ben-Haim
  15. Three Songs Without Words - Ballade
  16. Three Songs Without Words - Sephardic Melody
  17. Maypole by Jacob Weinberg
  18. Sadie Salome by Irving Berlin
  19. Yiddle on Your Fiddle, Play Some Ragtime by Irving Berlin


"The range of feeling exhibited by all the selections of music, both purely instrumental and with voice, is particularly evocative of the length and complexity of Jewish experience... All in all, this is a rewarding smorgasbord of Jewish temperament expressed in highly professional and creative musicianship."
Ellen Isler -
Jewish Braille Institute, NYC

“The saxophone lends an earthier and sexier rendition of the classical Klezmer composition, as it is brought to life by saxophonist Dale Wolford and pianist Ivan Rosenblum. These two superb musicians render a soulful performance that is sweet to the ears.”
Gary Fitelberg -
Polish Music Newsletter, March 2011

"It is seldom we hear a CD that is so intertwined with one cultural history. At the same time one could say this CD goes far beyond the “Jewish Saga” and becomes a human saga for the ages...This CD was put together with a great deal of loving care that you will feel in the very first opening notes. Dale Wolford is an excellent saxophonist supported by an equally artistic team that produced nothing less than a superb CD. “ (See the complete WRduo_review)
Paul Wagner -
Saxophone Journal, July/August 2004.

Available at, Centaur Records