Jason DuMars of The International Saxophone Page says, "This is some of the finest soprano playing that I have heard in quite a while. . .Don't let this CD escape your collection!" [See the entire review.]

"...fresh and expressive, with genuine impulses of feeling." San Francisco Chronicle

Wolford playing with the San Francisco Ballet orchestra provided “momentum...in a melancholy heart-tugging saxophone melody.” Saturday Matinee

"Between Rosenblum's creative spirit and Wolford's amazing flexibility with his instrument, the entire world of music is open to them."
The Express

"The concert was broad in inspiration and intimate in focus...it had a remarkable emotional appeal." Davis Enterprise
"Wolford's finely balanced virtuoso performance captured the sonata's sparkling Gallic spirit and made this reviewer wish that the composer had written the work for and dedicated it to Dale Wolford." Independent Coast Observer

“Simply amazing--what nerve, guts, ability to do what they did--Amazing!” Concert goer - 2012